Run = L/R Arrow keys
Jump = Up Arrow
Read sign = Up Arrow

Just a regular olde-timey platform game... or is it? 

Will you adhere to that which is right, or will you stray from the path in search of something more?

Are all dragons your enemies? Or are some actually assisting you on your quest if you meet them halfway?

Will you aid the monarchy? Or do you have a higher calling?

Fiendish challenges and revelatory discoveries regarding both ancient lore and modern gaming abound in this 20-level medieval fantasy adventure with a twist.

Made by Andrew Kepple with the-l0bster's Pocket Platformer

Audio by Andrew Kepple.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
TagsDragons, Exploration, Fantasy, knight, Medieval, Pixel Art

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This is easy, Right? Uh... Not so much when it is not Right! The 8x8 tiles & sprites work really well here to build up a pleasant minimalistic atmosphere :)


I really liked this!


if just hold right you will finish the whole game in 14 min idk if this is intentional or not but i dont like it


Many styles of play are valid, and if you don't like one of them, you're under absolutely no obligation to adhere to it. Exploring and completing the areas on your own terms is encouraged!

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Having jump and read be the same key really made gameplay frustrating.  I keep having to move to the right and I can't autoskip dialogues.  Please change the key to read things to not the same as jump.

Deleted 115 days ago

Dashing is built into Pocket Platformer, but I decided to keep things simple for my first release made in that engine. Perhaps I'll put it in a later Pocket Platformer game!